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April 4-8, 2023
CHI Health Center Omaha

You won’t want to miss this chance to marvel at the majesty and determination of Olympic-level competitors vying for global glory in Jumping, Dressage and Vaulting. This annual culmination of this premier individual series showcases the best equestrian athletes IN THE WORLD. The FEI World Cup™ Finals takes place at the CHI Health Center Omaha, located right in the heart of the city’s downtown with lodging, restaurants and parks all within walking distance. Join us as Omaha’s downtown arena will be transformed into the headquarters of equestrian sport – with stabling, a warm-up area, the competition arena, dining venues and a shopping expo all under one roof. Get your tickets NOW!


Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Final | Schedule

Riders and horses will take your breath away as they soar over heights of more than 1.6M in this exhilarating event. Following a winding and weaving course filled with strategically placed obstacles, competitors race from jump to jump as they try to avoid knockdowns and faults. It’s quite remarkable to witness — horse and rider take flight with incredible ease and grace.


FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final | Schedule

This storied discipline, with origins that trace back to Greek horsemanship in 400BC, celebrates the art of horse training. Dressage is where the connection between riders and their horses is truly showcased. Every movement is diligently designed to display the horse’s balance, agility and poise. Judges closely evaluate it all while spectators applaud the proficiency and brilliance of the riders and their horses.


Burlington Capital FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final | Schedule

Omaha’s making history in 2023. For the first time, the FEI Vaulting World Cup™ Final will be held in front of a North American audience. Packed with emotion, creativity and athleticism, Vaulting is the FEI’s fastest-growing discipline. Intertwining the acrobatics of gymnastics with showmanship comparable to Cirque du Soleil, vaulters are known to express themselves through choreography, costuming and music.

1723: The Horse Tribes of the Great Plains

1723. Three hundred years ago. Right here in Omaha, horses were serving as essential contributors to Native American livelihood across the Great Plains region.

That’s our history, our heritage.

Historical documentation tells us that horses were captured by The Dakota/Lakota people from the Umonhon people in 1709-10. The horse’s impact in the Great Plains grew exponentially from that point on. To Native Americans in this region, horses were more than animals – they were valued and respected members of the tribe. The status of the family, village and nation was often linked to the number of horses accumulated over time. Indigenous people relied on horses to transform hunting tactics, inspire artistry and strengthen transportation routes.

Tribes created ceremonies, stories, songs and dances to explain the acts of valor and victory that they experienced with the help of their horses. Horses were celebrated then, just as the champion horses of today will be honored for world-class performance at the FEI World Cup™ Finals.

To pay homage to the horse’s regional tradition and cultural impact, the FEI World Cup™ Finals Omaha 2023 will infuse tributes to Native American heritage into the event’s integrated theme. Omaha Equestrian Foundation, which operates the World Cup™ Finals, is creating an educational and entertainment program in partnership with Bluebird Cultural Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to enriching community understanding of Native American history.


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