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A Global Experience

The FEI World Cup™ Finals Omaha 2023 is more than just a horse show. It’s a celebration of history and culture – a collaborative international spectacle. For most elementary school students, this event is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. There will be interactive learning opportunities and educational exhibits designed to expose children to new perspectives. Don’t miss this chance to get a firsthand look at a world championship event and the pageantry that comes with it.


What to Expect

  • An introduction to highest level of equestrian competition in the world
  • Up-close interactions with horses of all shapes and sizes
  • Authentic Native American storytelling and regional history lessons
  • A space will be provided for students to eat school lunch
  • Hands-on learning and play with exhibits such as:
    • Full-size fiberglass horse (To demonstrate Lakota symbology; the original emojis)
    • Virtual horse rides using Oculus glasses
    • Live and virtual storytellers
    • Native American tribal artifacts
    • Horseshoeing Exhibit (handling horseshoes, hammering hooves, etc)
    • Care & Grooming (Hands-on Fun)
    • Feeding (Mathematics)
    • Mini jumps (Physical Fitness)
    • Equine and agricultural career exploration
    • A variety of exhibitions in the Demonstration Arena
    • Competitors preparing in the warm-up area


Prairie STEM Partnership

The Omaha Equestrian Foundation has partnered with Prairie Stem to create STEM kits for students to create prior to attending the FEI World Cup 2023. Kits numbers are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. When you have been approved, if your school/class is slated to receive the kits, we will reach out to you with information and schedule a time for drop off.


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